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What you see when actually reading the Zip Recruiter emails

Posted by  on July 9th 2019 08:12 pm

The title of this post might be familiar to those of you who are members on Zip Recruiter. This was the subject of one of the more outrageous job postings I was sent.

In this post I’m going to share with you some of the most ridiculous job posts they have sent me.

Hi Jeremy,

I have a job that I think lines up well with your resume. It's new, so they don't have many candidates yet.

full stack developer - [redacted] - New York, NY $20 hourly (USD)

I now understand why they can't find any candidates...

Are you a super-star developer with a love of art?

And now I'm done.

This is just one of many job posts like this that I keep getting. This company is offering a NYC-based "super-star" full-stack web developer only $20 per hour... in US Dollars (in case you couldn't assume that?).

If this were a one-off post I was emailed, I would say, man, that company is never going to find a developer, but it isn’t. I receive a ridiculously high number (at least once per day) job post from zip-recruiter offering salaries below the poverty line.

Web Application Developer - [redacted] - New York, NY $10,000 - $60,000 annual (USD)

Again, glad to see that they are paying me in greenbacks and not Argentinian Pesos! This salary is about $40,000 - $90,000 below market rate of a decent junior level web developer.

Lead JavaScript Engineer - [redacted] - New York, NY *$150,000 - $175,000 Annually**

This job is off to a great start. Decent salary for the job being offered.

Benefits Offered: 401K, Dental, Medical, Vision

Good, good. Heading in the right direction, but I wouldn’t have added this to the post if this didn’t have flaws:

Leading ticketing platform, with headquarters in Manhattan, are looking for a Senior C# Engineer to build and design API’s utilizing C#, Azure, .Net. This is an immediate start.

And there we are, looking at a role for a Lead JS Engineer, and somehow ended up on a Senior C# Engineer post. I guess they added the wrong title. Doesn’t matter, though, I AM a Senior C# Engineer, so let’s keep reading?

The Lead JavaScript Engineer will ideal have the following attributes:

  • 3/4+ years building web applications in JavaScript

And I’m lost again. JS, no C#, no JS with 9+ months experience?

I get it, Zip Recruiter is “cheap.” You get your first applicant for $10 (or free if you listen to ANY business podcasts), the job post goes out to dozens of job boards and thousands of emails. BUT if your first applicant is a C# dev that applies because they saw Senior C#, you have wasted your time, their time, $10, and if you want to see the other applicants, you have to upgrade your account and pay $375/mo until you call them to cancel (I know, because I still pay $10/mo to keep my account on pause because I don’t feel like talking to people, and $10/mo is probably less expensive over 2 years than fighting with them to cancel my account is is worth, and they know it... fuckers).

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