420 Sales and Counting

From Programming To Pot (accessories)

Sunsetting HN Notify

I found something I hate less

I Ran a Voluntary Botnet

My favorite failure

There's a Package for That

NPM's single use packages

Alternating Current is Stupid

Everything we own has to convert to DC anyway

My First Industry Job

Lies, Deceptions, and Layoffs

How Intuitive are Macs Really?

That time I Accidentally Reported a Fake Terror Incident

And didn't get fired...

Shutting Down NavHere

It is hard to say goodbye

You are using 'this' incorrectly

...probably ... in C#

Gaming the System

How I spend way too long coming up with schemes that won't work


Why build yet another Web Framework?

Jeremy, I think you'll wan't this job...

What you see when actually reading the Zip Recruiter emails

An Ode to the Traffic Circle


File Management Just Got Sexy

Validating Your Ideas on Strangers

Metric Board

Analytics for the Everyperson

That Time I Brought Down Millions of WordPress Sites

My First Product Launches

Tricks to Monetize Your Side Project

A few tips I shared with the Developer of DuetApp.com

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