So it Happened… What Now?

I don’t usually share my political opinions or views to anyone but my closest family and friends, but today I am going to make an exception this morning as I sit here on my eerily quiet bus heading into the office.

I woke up with a bitter taste in my mouth. It might have been from the fan blowing in my face or the half a bottle of NyQuil I used to get to sleep (I have had a pretty bad cough for the last couple of months), but I suspect it is something all-together different.

Last night the United States elected a toddler into the White House. A man with no filter, an inability to tell fact from fiction, and no one but his supporters saw it coming. I’m not going to cry foul because of a rigged system, the system worked as designed; and I’m not going to immigrate to Canada (mainly because I don’t know how and also New York is cold enough).

I know for a fact that the majority of Republicans don’t want Donald Trump as their president (they also don’t want Clinton), but they didn’t have any candidate on their ballot because the silent majority didn’t get out into the primaries.

Trump won Pennsylvania and Michigan (and thus the presidency) on promises to bring back labor jobs. This is a great promise if he is able keep it and execute it well, but the only way to bring back labor jobs from over seas/borders is to either pay for them in taxes raised (which his plan doesn’t account for, and if it is included will bill the taxes back to the people who are working in the labor jobs) or insure that our workers aren’t paid living wages (which makes them no better than Burger King or Walmart).

What I am going to do, and what everyone should do is go out and start donating to your respective political parties. Be they Green, Libertarian, Republican, Democrat or something completely new.

Millennials felt robbed that they Bernie wasn’t nominated, Republicans felt robbed when one of there 20 candidates weren’t nominated.

The only way past this hump is to go out there and volunteer, pound the pavement in local and regional elections, and give your money away to candidates who can win. There are 2 years until the off-year elections happen, and if we want to win some of those seats in the legislation to counteract the stupidity in the executive branch, we need to start today.

I am pledging to donate ever dollar I am able from now until the next presidential election in battle ground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, etc. Where I can pay for people to go door to door, paper streets in fliers and completely overwhelm the marketing campaigns of Trump supporters.

I’m lucky enough that  my wife and I earn a high enough salary that we escape the tax on the middle class that Donald Trump is supporting, and probably qualify for some tax cuts. If these cuts do in fact make it into my final tax bill I will be taking the excess in my tax returns and supporting every candidate I can to ensure Trump isn’t reelected in four years and hopefully is blocked by smarter choices in the off-year.

3 thoughts on “So it Happened… What Now?”

  1. “Trump won Pennsylvania and Michigan (and thus the presidency) on promises to bring back labor jobs.” This only very slightly true. Pennsylvania was the tipping point, but voters there weren’t voting for jobs exclusively. Penn. and the larger cities within, have been a democrat stronghold for a while. And all they’re experienced is corruption, lawlessness, mismanagement, and blatant stupidity. I saw a lis of the most corrupt politicians of all time a while back, with some familiar names, and a large number were democrats from Pennsylvania. The corruption’s the same as we’ve been watching at the federal level. They are tired of it, and so is a lot of America. Obviously not everyone.

    1. The number of corruption accusations is way overblown. There unfortunately isn’t a great statistic I can pull up for this, but if you look at just political scandals at the federal level in the US during the Obama Administration, you will see the Democrats don’t really get embroiled in them.

      Also, if you look at the president-elect he just settled a federal fraud charge for $25,000,000. How is that better than the status quo?

      1. Oh, my. I’m not talking accusations. I’m talking convictions. As far as the administration’s concerned, that’s always the case-higher-ups appoint prosecuters that they know won’t bring charges. Or don’t appoint a special investigator at all, like with Hillary Clinton’s emails. The DOJ gave immunity deals to everyone without any convictions. Just to make sure everyone was protected. Who do you think arranged that?
        Allow me to explain settlements. Assuming you’re smart and want to keep your money and mitigate legal hassles, if you start seeing where the legal fees are going to exceed the settlement amount that’s being thrown around between lawyers, you settle. That ends the filed complaint. The settlement will clearly state that the execution of it will not indicate innocence or guilt. Both parties have to agree to settle, you know. People keep bringing that up to me, and it seems they don’t know much about controlling costs for businessses. Assuming they know the bare minimum about running any business.

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