– File Management Just Got Sexy

In this second installment of OPP, I’m looking at a product that blew up out of nowhere about 2 weeks ago on product hunt (selfless self plug warning – actually on my birthday). Yes, that’s right, I’m looking at you fman!

I had a short exchange with the developer/genius behind fman, Michael Herrmann, about where it came from, where he feels it is going, and why he has closed off access to the product on an invite-only basis. Continue reading “ – File Management Just Got Sexy”

That Time I Brought Down Millions of WordPress Sites

I’m going to take you guys back to a time when I was doing some client work.

I was at the time working on becoming a somebody in the WP Dev community. I attached myself to a really awesome designer George Wiscombe, and started working on a theme he designed called Handgloves. I began by widgetizing it (which was just starting to catch on — that probably dates me a little) then added a couple of built in social media hooks. I emailed him and told him I was working on it, and he released my changes, and because he is an AWESOME dude, gave me a byline on it. Continue reading “That Time I Brought Down Millions of WordPress Sites”

Adventures in Xamarin.Forms: Xamarin.Forms.DependencyService

This is the first installment of a semi regular series of posts chronicling my attempt at learning Xamarin.Forms. It will be a bumpy and messy ride, so wear your seat belts and bring a change of clothes. But not only will this be my first steps in Xamarin brand big-boy shoes, it is also my first time using a Mac, so yeah, lets get started! Continue reading “Adventures in Xamarin.Forms: Xamarin.Forms.DependencyService”